Casa Vinicola Montobbio, of oenologists Armando and Aurelio, was founded in 1980 when the twins owner have graduated to the Wine School of Alba and decided to continue the activity of their father and of both grandfathers. The winery is located in the heart of the Alto Monferrato, in Castelletto d’Orba, a pleasant village of Piemonte, in the province of Alessandria, with high wine vocation. Castelletto d’Orba is a few kilometres from the most famous and known city of Gavi; it’s a small village that, thanks to the temperate climate and soil water-supplies, has always been a place particularly suitable for vine cultivation and for production of high quality wines.

The company’s constant aim is to combine with balance the necessary to quality wine - making pratices, respecting the winemaking tradition. The range of wines is varied and prefers the vinification of grapes deriving from native vineyards. The wines are produced in limited quantities; they don’t exceed 7.000 bottles (50 hl) for each type of wine. The production varies from white fruity Gavi DOCG to Piemonte Chardonnay DOC and reds, in both light and fragrant versions and structure version that lends itself to an excellent aging as Barbera del Monferrato DOC (also in barriques) and Dolcetto d’Ovada DOC vineyard “Beneficio” (vineyard planted by grandfather Pin).

The wine produced have so far won 45 gold medals at wine competitions recognized by the Ministry of Agricolture, as shown in more details in the section “Contests won”, and for several years are exported in small quantities abroad. There are also a lot of articles published in magazines, newspapers, websites, guides and books, both of sector and not, which speak about Casa Vinicola Montobbio; the section “Articles about the winery” reports a list of contacts who over the years have dealt the topic. Casa Vinicola Montobbio is one of the founders of the Consorzio di Tutela del Dolcetto d’Ovada and Rocca Grimalda’s Municipal Workshop “The Devil on the Hills”.

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